Infection control specialists

Infection control and contamination within your facility is hugely important to your business and wellbeing of you and your employees. Our specialist infection team can offer a virus containment package to minimise the impact of virus and infection outbreaks.

Our deep cleaning and decontamination process will guarantee an in depth controlled clean of all affected areas and eliminate the risk of further contamination.

Our Services

  • Medi-Mist advanced fogging
  • 360-coverage
  • Touch point sanitising
  • Disinfection cleaning
  • Emergency response

Medi-Mist Fogging

Our latest Medi-Mist formula provides that extra protection and prevention against bacteria, mold spores, viruses and other organisms. Our fast evaporating dry Medi-Mist will reach all areas, including the air and electronics, with a kill rate of 99.999% to all harmful mico-organisms.

Medi-Grade Cleaning

We’ve provided the healthcare industry with a range of cleaning services over the years from disinfection to deep cleaning, trauma cleans and ventilation cleaning. Our experience working with the NHS and private hospitals throughout the UK means we’ll provide only the best medical grade cleaning available.

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