Hoarding is a complex issue that, if allowed to continue over an extended period, can result in what feels like an unmanageable task when it comes to removal. We assist in the clearing and removal of all items in a manner that is professional but also sensitive to all those involved.

Decontamination cleaning


The clean-up of a hoarding situation, particularly in the case of a deceased hoarder, can be extremely difficult for the family members involved. We work respectfully and methodically to return the property to a safe and hygienic state. All items for removal and disposal will be confirmed before the job commences, with photographic documentation also being taken in advance. These photographs are used to record and identify all items of value, as well as helping us to establish a waste management stream in accordance with the client’s wishes, ensuring that nothing is disposed of without due consent.

Following the removal of the agreed items, we fully sanitise all affected areas to return the property to a habitable condition.

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