24/7 Medical Cleaning Services

Highest levels of hygiene
We offer a full range of hygiene management and maintenance services, helping businesses, healthcare and medical facilities across the UK achieve and maintain the highest levels of hygiene.
Emergency Response
We are leading experts in coronavirus infection control and deep cleaning. Offering our specialist support and cleaning services to the public and private sector nationwide.
Specialist Operatives
We invest heavily in the training of our staff, meaning we're able to confront any project confidently with the necessary skills to exceed expectations.
Medical Cleaning

Operating Nationwide

At Medi-Clean Solutions, we specialise in 24/7 emergency and medical cleaning services. With our highly experienced teams, our sanitary service maintains hygiene levels and prevents the spread of infection for sensitive premises including hospitals, care homes, medical centres, public spaces, offices and schools.



Disinfection Fogging

Our Medi-Mist fogging provides that extra protection and prevention against bacteria, mold spores, viruses and other organisms. Our fast evaporating dry Medi-Mist will reach all areas, including the air and electronics, with a kill rate of 99.999% to all harmful mico-organisms.

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